16 Dec 2010

New Gamplay Video is done with Instruction ..


Check out more video at our webpage ..

14 Dec 2010

Trailer - Eclipse .. Enjoy .

Some Update

Uploaded all document
Google -https://sites.google.com/site/mo0nstudiozz/

Updated the website .

Include a About our product in the Website .

Completed all the Documentation .

Trailer - in Process.

Marketing ...
Thing that is including in the Package .

-game board
-card (24 cards)
Group Meeting .

Final Draft of Model


Main Page of GUI
-Start Game
-Game Mode

Some Button design

Selected .

Not-Selected .

Name Design of character in the game .

End Of game Design .

Change of card Size  :5.5*7
 Have been print and test . 

Added into Game .

Marker have been removed from the Board .
However out of bound edge have been added.

Documentation: Final Version
Art Design
Game Design
Game Technical

Extra :
Trailer -in progess



The Game is coming soon ...  ;)

3 Dec 2010

Meet Up for Group .

Final Draft of Game Board .
Board Size :3R

Marker have been added to the board and Race Base line have been added on

Final Draft of Card . Size 5*7

Human Race in Yellow Label and Demon in Red Label.

Character have been  set as 1 king ,2 queen ,2 knight , 2 archery ,4 soldier. 
                                           1 Demon ,2 queen ,2 vampire , 2 witch ,4 zombie.

 Number of button and page have been drawn out in flow chart . 
-Character Name
-Page Desgin

Update on documentation as well as website.

4 Sound effect needed .
Main Page ,Background Music, Human Angry Scream and Demon Roar .

Extra -Trailer .

 Tutorial on how to play the game
Beta :

16 Oct 2010

Meet up for Group .

Testing on the Board Size and Marker Size .
Board -3R

As for the Design of the Game Board .

Standard Marker will be paste on the Game Board .

Testing Photo

Game Design , Game Plan (Both is at the finalist states.)
Art Design and Techincal .

Web Content
-Home(Intro of Group Name and Member)
-Game Outline
-History(that link the Blog )
-Contact Us(Email)

Image of the Game Banner

Some testing video .

9 Oct 2010

Group MeetUp

Discuss on the Game Plan
-Range of Movement and Attack
Discuss on Website and Journal
Finalist the Charcater of the Game Modeling (pc-Tablet)
2King (Human and Demon)
2 Queen(Human and Demon)
Soldier and Zombie
Witch and Archery
Knight and Vampire

Discuss on the Problem Occur during programming .
-How Player play the game .  (Range of Defend and attack)
-Plan/Design  of Game Board